What We Do

What We Do2016-12-15T21:20:28+00:00

Responsible management of resources and accurate financial reporting can make or break a nonprofit’s credibility. Managing these pieces takes time, expertise and capital – precious resources charitable organizations would naturally rather devote to their missions.

Through a rigorous vetting process , we identify charitable organizations for fiscal sponsorship that are well positioned to benefit their communities.

Once we have determined a charitable organization is a good match for CNDC, they receive our fiscal sponsorship and become known as a ‘Project’ under the umbrella of CNDC’s 501(c) (3).

CNDC’s fiscal sponsorship increases the capacity of each Project to do more, faster than they would be able to do on their own. With our expert counsel, sophisticated back office infrastructure solutions and organizational guidance, Projects are free to grow their programming and expand their reach in the community.