Colorado Nonprofit Development Center:

A Partner for Nonprofit Innovation, Efficiency and Accountability

Welcome to the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC). Our mission is to enable all Colorado communities to thrive by maximizing the impact of nonprofits through our fiscal sponsorship.

Understanding Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship is a formal arrangement that allows charitable organizations to operate under the umbrella of CNDC’s legal and tax status without having to form their own 501(c)(3).

With CNDC, sponsored charitable organizations (which we call Projects) can focus on implementing mission-based programs and services while we take care of the management functions of finance, human resources, legal compliance, and risk management.

This unique partnership allows Projects to launch their programming quickly, leveraging CNDC’s nonprofit management expertise, robust back-office infrastructure and technical assistance to equip them for success, and strengthen their ability to impact the communities they serve.

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12 Ways to Identify Responsible Fiscal Sponsorship

When evaluating a direct model fiscal sponsorship relationship, we encourage you to ask the following questions:

  1. Is the fiscal sponsor leadership familiar with NNFS fiscal sponsorship best practices? These practices reflect the highest operational standards for any organization operating in the public interest.

Open Letter from the Nonprofit World to Tech Giants

Dear Google for Nonprofits, Amazon Smile, Facebook, Slack, Microsoft, and others,

We would like to extend our gratitude for all you contribute to creating a better world. In particular, the products and services you make available at low or no-cost to nonprofits are deployed to tackle some of the most urgent and complex problems of our time and we thank you for being partners in creating stronger communities!

However, as nonprofit practitioners, we need raise an issue near and dear to many community organizations.