Elizabeth Orare, CNDC Senior Staff Accountant


Elizabeth Orare

Accounting Manager

Elizabeth began as a staff accountant at CNDC in 2014 and was named senior staff accountant in 2016. She holds a degree in Accounting from Strathmore College in Nairobi, Kenya, and has nearly a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector. Elizabeth was previously the Business Manager at Royal Pal Academy in Naples, FL. In addition to her business background, Elizabeth brings a passion for volunteering to her role at CNDC, including mentoring with the Boys and Girls Club as well as time spent volunteering with Rural Community Development Program where she worked with disadvantaged children in Southeast Asia. Aside from keeping in touch with her large family in the United States, Kenya, and Europe, Elizabeth also enjoys reading, watching sports, and enjoying the outdoors. She was drawn to work at CNDC because of her interest in making a positive change in the community by providing Projects with the support they need to develop their individual communities.