For many nonprofits, but especially start-up or growing organizations, it’s challenging to devote the necessary time, resources and expertise to creating and managing efficient back-office operations.

That’s where CNDC comes in.

  • Maximizing Nonprofit Impact

    As the fiscal sponsor for our Projects, CNDC is deeply committed to helping them thrive. When nonprofits join our 501(c)(3), we provide services that equip them for success and strengthen their ability to impact the communities they serve. Our unique fiscal sponsor structure allows our Projects to focus on what they do best — provide needed services in the community — while sharing the costs of a back-office infrastructure with other charitable Projects

  • Ensuring Accountability

    CNDC has established a reputation as a trusted figure in the nonprofit community. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, financial accountability, and community stewardship. In fact, CNDC is a leader in promoting best practices among fiscal sponsors nationally. As a founding member of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS), CNDC helped draft the NNFS Best Practice Guidelines. CNDC adheres to these Guidelines and provides guidance to other funders and nonprofits.

  • Building Valuable Partnerships

    Our relationship with our Projects is much more than transactional. When we elect to work with an organization, we agree to share our corporate and 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, so their success is our success. Our vetting process helps ensure all organizations under the CNDC umbrella are aligned with our goal of implementing innovative solutions to build stronger communities.

CNDC Projects make a big difference in the communities they serve. Many Projects under the CNDC umbrella have been recognized locally and nationally for their contributions to improving the quality of life here in Colorado. For a list and description of CNDC Projects, click here.