Through CNDC’s fiscal sponsorship, we provide our Projects with:

  • Expert back office support: CNDC helps our Projects make the best use of precious resources. By sharing costs for back-office services with other CNDC Projects, the fee is substantially less than what each would pay independently. Our in-house team of topic experts allows our Projects to focus on their mission and programs, secure in the knowledge that their affairs are being expertly managed.
  • Reliable accounting, reporting, tracking, and compliance support: CNDC holds itself to the highest standards of ethics, financial accountability, and community stewardship. Our proven guidance and support helps our Projects demonstrate credibility and accountability to their stakeholders.
  • Management support and effective growth strategies: Our Projects benefit not only from our organizational management services, but also from the expert guidance we offer to help them more effectively expand their impact on the community.
  • One-to-one professional and organizational development guidance: We offer one-to-one guidance to Project leadership in the areas of nonprofit best practices, financial best practices, human resources and risk management to set our Projects up for long-term success.

For a comprehensive list of all of CNDC’s services, click here.