CNDC provides fiscal sponsorship to select charitable organizations in Colorado.

How Fiscal Sponsorship Works

Fiscal Sponsorship is a formal arrangement that allows charitable organizations to operate under the umbrella of CNDC’s legal and tax status without having to form their own 501(c)(3). Through a rigorous vetting process, CNDC identifies charitable organizations for fiscal sponsorship that are well positioned to benefit their communities. These organizations receive our fiscal sponsorship and become known as a ‘Project’ under the umbrella of CNDC’s 501(c)(3). We take care of the management functions of finance, human resources, legal compliance, and risk management, freeing them to focus on their missions. They split the fee for these services with other Projects, which lowers the cost substantially.

Why Fiscal Sponsorship

CNDC helps Projects make the best use of precious resources. Our fiscal sponsorship increases their capacity to do more, faster – all while demonstrating fiscal responsibility and accountability to their stakeholders. With our expert counsel, sophisticated back office infrastructure and organizational guidance, Projects are better equipped to grow their programming and expand their reach in the community. Click here to learn more about our Services. Ready to apply for fiscal sponsorship? Click here.