CNDC stands in solidarity with those fighting for justice and dismantling the structure of White supremacy in our communities.

Systemic and structural racism still affects nearly every aspect of life in America. It leads to persistent and oppressive inequities in health, education, employment, housing, and safety for communities or color, especially the Black community. It is quite literally killing people. This is unjust, unfair and unacceptable. Change is overdue. And it starts with each of us.

At CNDC, we will continue to support and seek out Projects to sponsor that are on the frontlines fighting for social justice. We are also committed to looking inward at how we can do better as an organization. The board and staff of CNDC have begun the process of implementing anti-racist philosophy into our daily practices and are undergoing a diversity, equity, and inclusion audit to identify and root out inequitable systems and practices. The board and staff are passionate and eager to do this work. We strive to serve all communities and champion justice and equity for all.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu